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Trademark Registration

Trademark is a “brand” or “logo” marking that can be used for distinguishing your product from other competitors. Through trademark registration or say logo registration/brand registration, you can protect your brand or logo by restricting other persons from using it. For e.g. the logo of SPRITE cool drink and their tagline CLEAR HAI is a registered brand name. By applying trademark for your logo or brand, you are providing it protection against its illegal usage. A registered trademark is an intangible asset of a business and is used to protect the company’s investment in the brand or symbol. After application for Trademarking your logo or brand is filed, a registered TM symbol which works as trademark applied is assigned within a period of three days by Trademark department but it takes almost two years for it to be registered so that you can use to use Registered ® symbol with your brand name. It is advised to get Trademark registration or brand name registration because getting your company registered will not protect your brand against those who might initiate using identical or similar marks. Before applying for trademark, make sure to check trademarks availability and trademark search should be first priority after starting your company/business. Trademark public search is a significant step before trademark registration. A related search for trademark name will help you to avoid future intellectual property related problems.

In case trademark is not registered then No action can be taken against any other party who is trying to copy your business name/logo/brand.

Trademark Registrations or TM Registrations can be done easily through Proworktree from any place in India.

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Legal Protection

The legal ownership of the registered trademark will give right to restrict another person to use your registered trademark without prior permission. The registered trademark holder is only eligible person to take any legal action against anyone who tries to copy the trademark without any prior permission.

Intellectual Property

Registered trademark is treated as an intellectual property asset or intangible asset and the owner of such asset can easily sell, franchise or allow it on contract basis to others with or without consideration

Brand/Goodwill Building

Registered trademark creates a unique identity of your product/service, which shows the trust, goodwill/brand and quality in the minds of your customer.

Registered Brand Name

Your business or product name becomes a registered brand name as well as symbol. it bring a seperate visibility of the brand image.

What is Trademark?

A trademark is any exclusive expression related to a product or service that distinguishes it from others. A trademark can be a visual symbol or a word, a name, a device, label or numerals used by a business to exhibit itself different from other goods or services in market.

Owners of trademarks have exclusive rights to use trademark under the categories they are registered in (there is a total of 45 categories, Known as classes). Only Trademarks that are registered under the Trademark Act, 1999 provides the trademark owner right to sue for damages when infringements of trademarks occur.

Trademark classes List Trademark classes List

Following are the steps involved in Trademark Registration:

1.      Trademark Search: Trademarks are protected by “class”. There are 45 International Classes based on different kind of products/services. We will conduct a details trademark search in online registry in appropriate class and will provide you the search report with the availability and chances of getting registered.

2. Trademark Filing: Once the brand names are finalized we will proceed with the filing, For filing the application we don’t need any documentation, we just require the Applicant details (Name, Address & Authorized Signatory) with these details we will prepare POA. On receiving the signed POA document we will process the trademark application filing and provide you the Acknowledgement. From the time of Acknowledgement generated you can use TM  on your brand name.

3.Trademark Registration Period & Validity: Trademark registration takes nearly  1 – 2 years of time. Trademark is valid for 10 Years from the date of filing. For every 10 years we have to renew the application. Trademarks are territorial rights, it is valid across INDIA.

4. Trademark Examination: Every application will be examined by The registrar and if they have any objection they will send an objection report to us, for that we need to give our reply. These objections are very common and normal.

5. Trademark Journal / Opposition Period: On successful completion of Examination process trademark will be further published in trademark online journal and Trademark registry will give 4 months’ time for any third party persons to raise an opposition with valid evidences.

Note: In case if any objection/issue raised then  additional charges are applicable

6. Trademark Registration: On successful completion of Opposition/Opposition period trademark registry gives us a registered certificate.

Different Symbols Under Trademark:

TM Symbol – It is used with the brand name until  trademark is not registered and the application status is in pending.

SM Symbol – It one of a kind of trademark which is called as Service Mark. it describes services rather than product.

R Symbol – it means Trademark is registered and Certificate of Registration is issued by the Trademark Registrar.




Trademark Search & Consultation (1 day)

In 1 working days Trademark Search & Consultation is done along with document collection & arrangement is done by Proworktree Team.

Trademark Application Preparation and Filing (2 days)

After Successfully getting documents and authorisation letter filing is done within 2 working days after preparing application. you can use TM symbol after this application.

Trademark Registration (1.5 years)

After trademark application is completed application will be verified by the trademarks office. they can also raise an objection based on different grounds. in case of no objections raised then it will be published in journal and after 6 months get registered.



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  Documents required for trademark Registration


Documents to be submitted for Directors & Shareholders

Scanned copy of PAN Card or Passport (Foreign Nationals & NRIs)
Scanned copy of Voter's ID/Passport/Driver's License
Scanned passport-sized photograph
Scanned copy of Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill
Specimen signature (blank document with signature [only for directors])

Documents for Registered Office

Scanned copy of Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill of office address
Scanned copy of Notarised Rental Agreement in English.
Scanned copy of No-objection Certificate from property owner
Scanned copy of Sale Deed/Property Deed in English (in case If Property is owned)

Note: The registered office can be at residence, too.






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