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Private Limited Company Registration

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Perfect Business registration system for startup with corporate features. We Help you to Register Your Pvt Ltd Company at Low Cost with professional Support, Get your Private Limited Company Registration​ done today by proworktree!

What is a Private Limited Company?

Private Limited Company is one of the renowned legal structures for doing business in India. For Raising outside funding, private limited company registration is a best form available. The Liabilities of shareholders is limited to the extent of their shareholding and it enjoys perpetual existence. It is required to hold board meetings and file annual returns with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Private limited company registration has more benefits when compared to an limited liability partnership(LLP), One Person Company (OPC), or ordinary Partnership firm. 

private limited company registration/ company Incorporation is the most common business structure for startups.

  • There are few conditions for being a Private Limited, minimum 2 to 50 members can be the member of any private limited company, minimum 2 directors (even members can be director), Minimum Authorised Capital of Rs. 1 Lakh (its just proposed share value limit and there is no requirement to invest complete authorized Capital Amount) .
  • Private limited company’s director has only limited liability to creditors. Bankers or Creditors can only sell Private limited company’s asset to get payback, they can’t sell personal assets of private limited company’s director.

Nowadays private limited company registration structure is highly preferred from startups & growing company, it helps them to collect funding or investment, limits the liabilities of its shareholder and push them to employee stock option to pull in top talent. Proworktree provides private limited company registration services across the India

Our goal at Proworktree is to get your company registered in Effective, Efficient and Economical way. This form of organization should have at least two directors and shareholders to initialize the process of establishing a private limited company. Proworktree provides you most effective services for Company Registration in India. 

fall in love with features of company

Perpetual Existence

A company is distinct and separate from its members who may die or change without affecting its continued existence until it is wound up on the legal grounds

Borrowing Capacity

For the debts of the company, its creditors can sue it and not its members whose liability is limited to the unpaid amount on shares held by them or the guarantees provided by them to contribute on the winding up of the company, depending on the type of company

Limited Liability

For the debts of the company, its creditors can sue it and not its members whose liability is limited to the unpaid amount on shares held by them or the guarantees provided by them to contribute on the winding up of the company, depending on the type of company

Separate Legal Entity

A company can own property, have banking account, raise loans, incur liabilities and enter into contracts. Even members can contract with company, acquire right against it or incur liability to it

private limited company registration

Advantages of Private limited company registration

  1. It has limited liability and quite flexible.
  2. Stability & greater capital contribution.
  3. Freedom of expansion
  4. There are other multiple reasons to choose private limited company registration:

    • Banks, VCs & investors prefer Private limited company
    • Distribution of share among investors or directors slightly easier.
    • Separate legal entity for the limitation of your liability.
    • Great combo of the flexibility of partnership as well as advantages of public Ltd.
    • Documentation work is easy i.e. register, manage & run

How to register a start-up company in India


  1. Fill-up company registration form: You have to initially fill-up the proworktree company registration form and submit same.
  2. Get DSC and DPIN from us: After filling up proworktree company registration form and your documents submission. We will provide DSC & DPIN. (1-2 working days)
  3. Name approval and verification: Verification of all details and after verification, we will apply for name availability using New RUN (Reserve Unique Name) Process. (1 working Days)
  4. Submission of documents: after all the required documents are ready and we will file them with ROC on your behalf. (3-5 working Days)
  5. Congrats: Your Private limited company registration is done, once your start-up company registration process gets over we will provide you incorporation certificate, AOA & MOA, DSC, PAN & TAN Number for your documentation purpose.

5 Steps for Online company registration


1. DSC & DPIN application:

For private limited company registration, the first step is applying for Digital signature and DPIN by proworktree team. For filing Digital signature is required which has been done through online and DPIN refers to director’s PIN number issued by MCA. You skip this step if you already have DSC and DPIN.

2. Name Availability & Approval:

As per current Company Name  Reserve system is modified by RUN – Reserve Unique Name, the applicant can apply only one unique name as his proposed company name in electronic form on MCA portal after paying prescribed fees. the said fees is non refundable as well as there will less chances given to resubmit the same application without paying fees again.  The name should be unique and suggestive of your private limited company business. proworktree team helps you to decide your company name.

3. MOA & AOA submission:

After approval of name, one needs to draft Memorandum of association (MOA) and Associate’s article. Along with MCA and subscription statement, MOA and AOA to be filled. At proworktree we help you with best drafting services.

4. Issuance of incorporation certificate:

After proworktree team files incorporation documents, 2-4  days required to file final forms for a private limited company registration and the issuance of incorporation certificate. It includes CIN number and it is the proof of that company has been created.

5. PAN, TAN and Bank account application:

Once PAN and TAN received there after you can submit the incorporation certificate, MOA, AOA, and PAN with a bank to open your bank current account.

Choose Your PLAN

Proworktree provides Simple and Transparent Plans. Pick one that best fits your business requirement.

Start Up plan

₹ 10,799

2 DIN + 2 DSC

1 RUN Name Approval

1 Lakh Authorised Capital


Inclusive of Govt Fees

Inclusive of Stamp Duty

Duration: 10-20 Days

Run up Plan

₹ 15,799

2 DIN + 2 DSC

1 RUN Name Approval

upto 5 Lakh Authorised Capital


Inclusive of Govt Fees

Inclusive of Stamp Duty

Duration: 10-20 Days

Corporate plan

₹ 19,799

2 DIN + 2 DSC

1 RUN Name Approval

upto 10 Lakh Authorised Capital


Inclusive of Govt Fees

Inclusive of Stamp Duty

Duration: 10-20 Days

Steps for private limited company registration

DSC Application & DIN Processing

In 1-2 working days DSC & DIN of Directors is registered by us upon receipt of few scanned documents from client


After Successfully getting name approval within 6-8 days Company registration is done


Congrats your Company registration is done. now we will guide you on things to be followed after getting company registered

Total Duration Timeline : 10-20 days

RUN Application

Simultaneously RUN Application is made for Name Approval 

PAN & TAN of the Company

PAN & TAN of your company is applied while incorporation and The PAN & TAN will be allotted while incorporation and later it will be couriered to your company’s registered office address within 15-20 working days

Duration Summary

DSC Application 40%
DIN Application 45%
Name Approval 60%
Incorporation Filings 85%
Company Incorporated 100%



​In case you feel Private Limited Company is bit expensive for your business then you can select other options from below:

– Proprietorship Firm 
– Partnership Firm 
– OPC Registration
– LLP Registration


No Physical Presence is not required and proworktree will get it done completely online.

Usually, private limited company registration is done within 10 – 20 days from the date of submission of application. Subject to availability of required list of documents,proposed company name & department processing.

Yes, Company can be registered on your home address. all just we need is  the latest utility bill & NOC from owner.

DSC Refers to Digital Signature Certificate, which is used to sign the documents digitally

For Pvt. Ltd. Company name, Just Ping us Will do that for you, without any cost

Yes, There is no restriction on family members or friends becoming director or shareholder in your company, In case you doesn’t have any partner in your business. later anytime you can change shareholders or director based on your requirements.

Directors – Minimum 2 Directors and Maximum 15 Directors.

Shareholders – Minimum 2 shareholders and Maximum 200 shareholders.

Article of Association & Memorandum of Association are the documents which exhibits the rules & policies, vision and mission of a company

For Private Limited Company Registration documents list Please refer below

It means a maximum share value against which you can issue shares of your company minimum authorised share capital is 1 Lakh and it doesn’t requires you to invest fully 1 lakh in your business. private limited company can be started with any amount of paid up capital.

GST Registration is optional up to Rs. 20 lakh rupees turnover and for north east state Rs. 10 lakh rupees turnover. it is a Tax registration which is completely different from business registration such as private limited company registration

Yes, with the private limited company registration you are eligible business forms for startup India. To get registered with the startup india portal.

Any individual or company (by its representative) or NRI’s can become director of a pvt ltd company if they have –

– 18+ year Age
–  Have valid Director identification Number (DIN) and not disqualified to be appointed as director as per act.

Private limited company registration is valid for lifetime of the company till it gets wind up because of non compliance or other reasons.

It totally depends upon the terms & conditions of your employment. however it is suggested to have a reading of your employment agreement for same.

Of course, Venture capitalist firms, Local Investors or angel investors are eligible to invest in the private limited company.

 The annual compliance is mandatory which includes following:

1. Appointment of the Auditor for statutory auditing of the accounts.
2. Filing of the AGM resolutions, Annual Return and financial statement
3. Filing of the Income Tax Return of the pvt ltd company.

Yes, It possible to convert your private limited company into One person company (OPC) or LLP only.

It means the liability of the private limited company is limited to the extends of its share value and personal assets of directors/shareholders are not liable except in few case.

Pvt Ltd Company registration is a business registration which is enough to start your business. however in case of business specific requirements other registration may be required. you can consult proworktree team on same.

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Documents to be submitted for Directors & Shareholders

Scanned copy of PAN Card or Passport (Foreign Nationals & NRIs)
Scanned copy of Aadhar Card/Voter's ID/Driver's License
Scanned passport-sized photograph
Specimen signature (on 2-3 forms [only for directors])

Documents for Registered Office

Scanned copy of Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill of office address
Scanned copy of Notarised Rental Agreement in English.
Scanned copy of No-objection Certificate from property owner
Scanned copy of Sale Deed/Property Deed in English (in case If Property is owned)

Note: The registered office can be at residence, too.






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Private Limited Company vs Proprietorship vs Partnership vs LLP vs OPC

Business FormPrivate Limited Company registrationLimited Liability PartnershipOne Person CompanyPartnership FirmSole Proprietorship
Best ForNew Start-ups and developing BusinessService related professional firmsIndividual promoterFamily BusinessSmall sole traders and manufacturers
BorrowingCan Borrow easily by issuing sharesBorrowing is possibleBorrowing is possibleHard to borrowHard to borrow
Perpetual ExistenceYesYesYesNoNo
Tax AdvantageModerate benifitHighly benificialModerate benifitsNormal benifitsNormal benifits

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