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Company Name Availability

Opting for an impressive and acceptable name is foremost step in registering a company in should be easy to remember name which can create a sense of a brand. Thus, it is required to choose a name for your company keeping in mind various factors and the company naming guidelines as per Companies Act, 2013.

A proposed company name must be suitable as per the Companies Act, 2013. Further, the proposed company name must not be identical or similar to an existing company or LLP or one person company or trademark.

The Check Company Name Availability tool can be used to assess company name availability. However, the final authority for accepting or rejecting a company name application will be Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA.)

Company Naming Guidelines

No Identical or Similar Business Names

Company name which is proposed to be used should not be identical or similar to an existing company or LLP or one person company (OPC) or trademark. Plural version, joining or separating words, spacing, different tense, different spelling, addition of place, addition of titles and other minor difference will also not create any unique name.

No Prior Trademark Record

company name which is proposed to be used should not be copy of any registered trademark or any applied trademark application, unless the consent of the registered trademark owner or trademark applicant is attached along with the name approval application while filing.

Regulatory Approval for special names

Special Proposed company names which includes words like insurance, bank, stock exchange, venture capital, asset management, mutual fund or other financial activity as suffix or prefix will be required to have prior approval from concerned Regulatory Bodies like RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, etc.,

Special Authorised Capital Guideline

Applicant who want to have company names having words such as international, globe, universal, continental, asiatic, asia, industries, udyog, hindustan, india, bharat, enterprises, products, business and others would be required to have a minimum authorized capital of Rs.5 lakhs and above, as the case may be.